Moe’s Home adds chief technology officer, VP of e-commerce

Moe’s Home adds chief technology officer, VP of e-commerce

Home furnishings retailer and wholesaler Moe’s Home Collection announced that Mohammad “Kam” Ansari has been appointed chief technology officer and vice president of e-commerce.

“Establishing a CTO role within Moe’s has been a fundamental move as we further embark on our strategic growth plan to improve efficiencies and customer experience through leveraging technology,” said Moe Samieian Jr., co-CEO. “We are excited to have Kam join the team as he brings a wealth of industry experience, having worked previously at Microsoft and Best Buy.”

With 33 years on the front lines of technology, Ansari began his career as a full-time coder and developer, working with the first Microsoft languages and stacked programs. Shortly after, he became technical manager of departments, then to e-commerce, development and production manager, then onto an IT director position where he led development, production support, integration, database, DEVOPS, performance and QA for all IT and e-commerce departments.

Having more than 400 people answer to him at Best Buy from Canada, India and the Philippines, he was known best as the e-commerce guy. One of the significant tickets on his resume being the system he helped design that took Best Buy even further into the marketplace by producing the channel that helped to grow 60,000 SKUs to millions of SKUs.

At Moe’s, Ansari’s primary responsibilities will be developing, executing and communicating the customer-facing technology roadmap and driving the company’s innovation agenda. He will be an advisor to overall growth strategy, R&D priorities, unleashing the power of the company’s people through automation, ownership and the comprehensive leveraging and synchronization of ERP and PIM systems, as well as its e-commerce platform.

“The common culture is that it will always be people and process before technology, it’s the people and their talent that are the roadmap,” Ansari said. “The technology may enable the growth, but it is the people that will drive it. Moe’s has extremely talented people across its departments and based on the rapid growth of the company, we aim to leverage the best technology around and adapt ourselves to the quick changes we know are happening in the market. Eventually, using our agile nature, we will integrate to have complete ownership of our major systems.”

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